How did IBKlug become the No. 1 coaching company for leading industrial companies? Was it the decades of project planning and development team work with managing directors, logistics managers and specialists, resulting in growing know-how in how to successfully implement logistics systems? Or is it the experience from far more than 100 intralogistic projects for premium customers in food, automotive, pharmaceutical industries and others? Or extremely efficient methods, tools and strategies developed by IBKlug, which can reduce analysis, planning and tendering times by more than 25%? Customers say it's the sum of it all, coupled with a dose of humor and ease, so that projects not only become more successful, but also make more fun.


A senior coach does not only provide experience from far more than 100 projects in a focused, personal and direct way to the project team. He also offers specifically adapted tools for data analysis, concept development, system design and supplier selection. An immediate and fastest possible transfer of know-how takes place – like a kind of kick-start refinement of the customer team. Coach and customer‘s project team merge with the outcome of a project team at an extremely high level of logistics know-how. The coach acts like a magnet, which aligns and focuses the team environment on the strategic goals set by the management.



He also supports implementing management methods within the project in order to garantee resource-saving project work. Project tasks are distributed and monitored according to the availability and skills of the team members. IBKlug represents the know-how backbone, and coaches the team until everyone is up to their task, and finally works completely independent. The decades of IBKlug project experience not only provide the necessary security, but also give the team a certain degree of sovereignty so that the project goals can be surpassed with ease.