Intralogistics HR management digitized

The advantages of digitalization can bring significant savings, particularly in HR management of intralogistics.

A special challenge of HR management in intralogistics, are the high dynamics in the change of workloads in all business processes, seasonally or weekly and daily. Peaks occur both planned and unplanned. In goods receipt, global supply bottlenecks can create strong fluctuations. Picking peaks depending on incoming orders can be a challenge, especially in the B2C business facing competition with the requirement of minimized throughput times.

With intelligently designed digitalization concepts, these high requirements in intralogistics can be met, coping with the requirements of extremely high reactivity. The constant balance between workload and workforce must be maintained across all intralogistic processes in real time, while at the same time keeping personnel costs low and even decreasing.

Practical example: Employee use an app on their private cell phone to inform the human resources management system that they are absent due to illness.



Within seconds, a digitalized system will make suggestions as to how the capacity loss can be optimally compensated by rescheduling other employees whose workload allows this at the moment. A suggestion can be selected by a department manager with the message going online, directly to the envolved employees. A process that might otherwise have taken hours in a conventional process.

With modern planning tools, an average of around 20% of personnel costs can be saved in this way for medium and large systems. At the same time, the level of organization increases, like quality of business processes and service level.

The topic of personal data safety must be taken into account individually when configuring the system on a country- and company-specific basis.